Welcome to JK College of Education

Ms. Shashi Chaudhary

A desire can change nothing; a decision can change something but a determination can change everything”

Upon completion of high school, students find themselves in the most crucial phase in their lives that lays the foundation for all that follows. The resultant confusion and the pressure of making a highly definitive decision can easily leave anyone bewildered, no less someone just on the verge of adulthood.

JK Group of colleges has stood tall and strong as an entity that is devoted to incremental growth in the availability of avenues and professional inclinations for its students. Thus, it has become a beacon of illumination that provides unbounded access to information that can be readily transformed into comprehensive and indispensable knowledge and be used to materialize even the most ambitious goals. Moreover, we emphasise on instilling confidence, critical thinking and skills amongst our students that helps them to act and react constructively in real life situations.

With a pivotal focus on all round personality development, we have laid out a highly contextualised, modern and pragmatic curriculum, and have been successful in organizing diversified activities and competitions that encourage the students to be expressive and adaptable.

As such, we keep the students on their toes round the year guest lectures, seminars and workshops to acquaint them with prevalent trade and industry (corporate/education) trends. We believe and practice that excellence is a continuous process and are tirelessly working to stay true to that. We welcome the budding entrepreneurs and future teachers with folded hands and open hearts. Let’s begin the journey towards your dreams.