Welcome to JK College of Education

Sh. Raj Daluja

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows” – Sydney J Harris.

Our vision at JK Group of Colleges is to not just polish stones but to carve them. The colleges under the aegis of JK Educational society are not just stepping stones but launch pads for future entrepreneurs and educationalists who serve as agents of positive change. For us, it is not merely about teaching etiquette but also about making the students industry-ready and proficient in taking the industry by its horns.

This involves selecting a course according to their aptitude and aspirations, and then the most-best college to ring their desires to fruition. JK group of colleges has led an unrelenting pursuit of becoming that very institution for more and more students as it continues to build on its multi-faceted approach towards creating an environment for students that makes them confident in their Alma Mater and ever so ready to venture deep into the industry.

We strive to create professionals who leave a mark in the dynamic and highly demanding corporate environment of today by bridging the gap between the classroom and the industry. The faculty injects the spirit of creativity and innovation in the pedagogy to enable the students to capitalize on their skills and learning’s as products or services while crossing the corporate thresh-hold or confronting the challenges a teacher faces in this complex and ever-evolving era of education. Wishing all our students an immense level of success in their future professional pursuits.